Murray Hidary is a multi-disciplinary artist and tech pioneer. His purpose-driven approach is at the heart of Murray's business successes, acclaim as a visual artist and global recognition as a musician. Ever pushing boundaries and guided by a strong desire to help people find their purpose, Murray is now focused on his provocative musical experience MindTravel, touring it across the globe while also crafting his next project No Dream Left Behind.

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MindTravel brings together Murray's passions for contemporary classical music, visual art, theoretical physics and wisdom traditions. They are the four pillars of an integrated musical experience that seeks to explore an understanding of the universe at both the visible and hidden levels.

At its core, MindTravel creates the space and permission to feel and connect. It is an exploration of the notion that bringing the lessons of music into our daily lives can radically improve our clarity, our ability to reflect and relax, and that with music as our teacher – we can peel back layers of our Self yet unseen.  That to understand the universe we must first understand our Selves, for they are one and the same.

MindTravel’s mission is to move people to greater purpose in their lives through music.

Since its inception, MindTravel has become a soundtrack for emergence; for transformation and celebration, that has been praised by a wide array of influential thinkers and figures. At a MindTravel performance, you can expect a framing intention – typically a short talk from Murray – followed by a powerful musical experience, either in a theater setting accompanied by projected visuals that carry the lecture from the theoretical to the real, or in an outdoor setting using nature as the backdrop and inspiration for a “silent” live-to-headphone experience on the beach, in a park or on your rooftop.

“It’s exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know it.”
— Quincy Jones III


Murray approaches photography like a painter, but a painter of invisible things, of the essential.

Abstraction becomes a form of realism, the expression of a reality that we don’t often perceive. Murray is thus using a tool made to document reality as perceived through the senses—the surface of things—in order to document what lies beyond the senses.

The power of Murray's work lies in this ability to communicate with the eye in much the same way the musical note plays on the ear. Murray has been influenced by Bach's polyphony, the masterful interleaving of many distinct voices, in both his music and photography. The melodic surfaces that emerge from his abstract and semi-abstract images contain a rhythmic structure articulated through composition and combinations of color.

This intersection of space, color and time reveals a vast interconnected world of seemingly (but not actually) disparate objects. Unseen connections exist everywhere. Murray blurs perception in order to sharpen it.

These photographs are the source for the MindTravel visual projections used in theater settings that allow for a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience. The stilled ‘movements’ are woven together into fluid and animated tapestries through algorithms designed to dynamically reflect the live music.

The music and sounds intertwine effortlessly, with the intention of leading the audience to what lies beneath the surface.