As a composer, I ask myself one key question:
‚ÄėWhat does the energy of the universe sound like?‚Äô I attempt to give that which is hidden a voice. That abstract sound that lies beyond what we perceive with our senses.
‚ÄĒ Murray Hidary


Classical contemporary composer and pianist Murray Hidary studied Music and Composition at New York University. His post-minimalist works range from real-time compositions created in front of an audience (an immersive musical experience called MindTravel) to orchestral and ensemble work. 

To date, Hidary has performed live in iconic venues such as Lincoln Center, the New York Times Center, Sony Hall (NYC) and the ACE Theater in Los Angeles. In 2023, the prestigious MASS MoCA hosted the world premiere of Hidary's 60-musician orchestral work Distanced Together, an exploration of the isolation, uncertainty, and ultimately the triumph of the human spirit through the COVID-19 pandemic. Distanced Together can also be experienced as an immersive, 60-speaker sound installation that tours to different destinations.

Hidary's musical career has spanned the globe, from performing in front of the pyramids of Egypt to bringing the world's first piano concert to the seventh continent, Antarctica. Recently he launched a new sight-and-sound musical immersive experience which had its premiere at the Frost Planetarium in Miami and continued into a 6-month residency at the venue.

His music served as the score for the documentary REM about iconic architect Rem Koolhaas, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Hidary is a repeat TEDx speaker and performer. He maintains an active touring and speaking schedule with over 100 dates per year.

His next ambitious undertaking is his first-ever opera, Siddhartha, based on the legendary spiritual tale by Hermann Hesse.

Hidary's mentors and influences include Paul Alan Levi, Dorothy Lawson, Ravi Shankar, Keith Jarrett, and Paolo Tatafiore as well as composers Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and Terry Riley.